Problematic Equality

Mary E. Hunt at Religion Dispatches isn’t quite dancing in the streets over women being allowed in combat, and she feels pretty ambivalent over pushing the Catholic Church to ordain women, too:

Celebration of another barrier overcome is tempered by the fact that I oppose combat as much as I oppose sexism. Likewise, I reject a hierarchical, clerical priestly model of the Church as much as I reject exclusion of women from its leadership caste.

Read for some interesting thoughts by a Catholic activist on women as de facto clergy and the perpetuation of a corrupt hierarchy.

"I Refuse to Be Terrified Into Submission"

An Irish Catholic priest is planning to defy the Vatican by continuing to proclaim his support for allowing female priests:

The Rev. Tony Flannery, 66, who was suspended by the Vatican last year, said he was told by the Vatican that he would be allowed to return to ministry only if he agreed to write, sign and publish a statement agreeing, among other things, that women should never be ordained as priests.

He’ll probably lose his priesthood and be excommunicated, so this is a pretty bold move.

Via Jezebel.

Church of England Begins Debate on Female Bishops

Some who support female bishops are against the measure because they feel it is too discriminatory because it still allows parishes to reject female bishops. While it is believed that the traditionalists do not have enough support to block the measure, those in favor of approving the measure are worried that the controversy may prevent the issue from passing.

I remember a time when the very idea of female bishops would have been laughable. Now the biggest point of contention is that allowing female bishops is not progressive enough.

Priest Blames Child Victims of Rape By Priests

Terrible. The Catholic Church has a systemic problem on its hands that I can only hope is being taken seriously by its higher leadership. It’s not just the child rape problems. Denialism, victim-blaming, false equivalence and baseless slut-shaming, and deliberate focus on social propaganda in lieu of social justice—the organization continues to exhibit behavior out of touch with reality, and which indicates that the primary concern has become maintaining the machine, not advancing the Kingdom.