The site is powered by Squarespace. In addition to the collective plural, I use logical quotation—otherwise know as “British style” quotation—and make no apology for it, so please don’t email me to tell me about all the commas I left outside the quotation marks.

In fact, speaking of email, sending me a message through the Contact Page is a pretty good way to reach me if you want to ask a question or just say hello. I don't like comments very much, so I keep them turned off, but if you just want to write a quick response to something I've written, I think Twitter is the best way to do that.

I source images through Max Spiker & Sameer Borate's Photo Pin web app, Wikimedia Commons, and stock.xchng, the excellent free stock photo website. I edit and create graphics and images using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

I write content for the site in the Multimarkdown variant of John Gruber’s wonderful Markdown syntax, using Byword as my text editor, although I’m not above doing things quick-and-dirty with TextWrangler.