Hi, I’m Ryan Elainska

I’m a full-stack web developer specializing
in Javascript and its various frameworks.

(I also write fiction.)

I’ve been making websites since before YouTube was created. Seriously. Do you even remember what year YouTube first showed up? I had to look it up, that’s how long ago it was. Back then it was just uploading HTML and CSS files to a web server over unsecured FTP and feeling proud of ourselves for taking XHTML compliance really, really seriously.

Anyway, I’ve made a lot of websites using some pretty down-and-dirty methods. But these days I’m mostly using React on the front end, and Node/Express on the back end.

I’m a longtime command-line addict (I’ve had to break myself of a bad habit of reflexively creating new .js files in vi), and I’m experienced with the entire Node development toolchain and other typical devtools like Homebrew and Git. After working for several years in IT operations I can also sysadmin a web server or key a new cert in a pinch.

While I’m primarily a developer, I have a strong sense of what makes for good UI and UX design, and I’m no stranger at all to Photoshop and Illustrator.

I’m always looking for great people and companies to work with.

Take a look at my work—you can see some examples below. (Or you can find my code on GitHub.)

But I also want you to know that my skills don’t stop with coding. As a former corporate IT trainer, I have great written and spoken communication abilities, as well as strong empathy for users. I manage projects well and collaborate well, so you can feel confident you’ll be working with someone who gets things done and helps others work their best.

Want to hire me? Drop me a line!


Are you looking for my books? In my spare time I write novels and short stories.

I'm a big fan of Twitter. If you have a quick question or just want to say hi, come @ me! Or find me on LinkedIn, as professional people do. I'm also on Goodreads, and you can buy my books on Amazon.

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