Repainting Celebrity Barbies

You know how when Mattel puts out a doll based on an iconic celebrity or a movie character it never actually looks like that person, but just one of Barbie’s generic friends? Portrait artist Noel Cruz has proven that an accurate recreation is simply a matter of some extra effort and a lot of talent. He “repaints” dolls, transforming them from “Well, I guess that kinda looks like Diana Ross” to amazingly realistic representations of the people they’re supposed to be.

Beautiful work. Incidentally, how much better was Jezebel’s Hurricane Sandy emergency blog than their actual website?

Women of the 112th

Emily Nemens, a New York-based illustrator, has painted portraits of every single women in the current Congress.

“I want to honor the breadth and diversity of women in power, as well as bring attention to certain disconcerting characteristics about them… the rainbow of power suits, the big hair, the gaudy jewelry and toothy smiles … and, of course, the fact that they collectively are only 17 percent of Congress.”

Via The Mary Sue.