What to Say If Your Best Friend Tells You She Was Raped

#1 on the list is “Believe Her”:

One out of every six American women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime. If you look at that statistic (and we all know how under-reported sexual assault is), is it truly possible that all rapes happen in dark alleys? If it were, we’d be seeing knife-wielding maniacs everywhere.

The terrifying truth is that perpetrators of sexual abuse can be anyone—a family member, a coach, a spouse, a babysitter, a friend—and the scariest thing is, they’re not all evil people. They can be accomplished, otherwise law-abiding citizens who seem perfectly normal. So if your best friend tells you she was raped by a regular guy you both know, you can’t immediately turn away from the idea just because it doesn’t fit your notion of what rape looks like.

Mrs. Foster – A Woman of Valor

Jenn LeBow blogs for Rachel Held Evans about her earliest best friend—a 75-year-old-lady she met at the age of 3:

As a 26-year-old woman, she married Neil Foster, but she firmly insisted that she would not give up teaching her beloved Sunday School class. She would not switch denominations to attend church with her husband. He didn’t press the point. Maybe that doesn’t sound like a big deal to me or to you. In 1924, though, only four years after women received the right to vote, and living in small-town Texas, it’s thrilling to think of her convictions and his support. (emphasis hers)