Advances in Breast Cancer Genetics Study

Dr. Christopher Benz, co-leader of the study:

“We’re going to move farther and farther from the practice of classifying cancers by where they arise and more and more by what their molecular composition and wiring is all about.”

Amazing findings.

The Pregnant Teen Cancer Patient Who Couldn't Get Chemo — Or an Abortion — Is Dead

Katie J.M. Baker for Jezebel:

Doctors debated whether it was morally correct to start treating her cancer, given as Article 37 of the Dominican Constitution states that “the right to life is inviolable from the moment of conception and until death.”

Here’s Baker’s original coverage of the Dominican girl’s plight.

I don’t understand why it took her doctors 20 days to debate this issue. Even if the chemo would have killed her child, so would her death. Now both mother and child have died, when one of them had a shot at life.