Ellen Page to Direct

After making her mark on features from Juno to Inception, Ellen Page will make her directing debut on Miss Stevens, and she’s got Anna Faris attached to play the title role.[…]

Faris will play a teacher whose life is in disarray when she chaperones a group of high schoolers on a weekend trip to a state drama competition. There, through the admiration and humanity of her students, she rediscovers her own self-worth.

Did you know Ellen Page is a member of Mensa? I’m totally seeing this movie.

Too Fat For Hollywood

At a size 10, Romola Garai (Atonement, The Hour), gets airbrushed thinner when she appears in magazines, and she feels conflicted about it:

It’s difficult because if I refuse to do any magazines at all, my work, I think, would suffer in a very immediate way. But when I appear in these magazines, I know I’m being “trimmed”. I’m being airbrushed a lot.

And I know that people are accepting those images and are under the impression that that is really how my body looks, that I’m hairless and sexless and weigh 90 lbs. That really worries me. And I really don’t know what to do except talk about it.

Did you know Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games) is also too fat? We have a real actress obesity epidemic on our hands, people.

Banging My Head Against The Hollywood Glass Ceiling

This is infuriating:

“Here’s the thing,” he said. “The lead actor hates female directors. We only had one in the first season, and she was never invited back. He just doesn’t like them.”

Do You Hear the Actors Sing?

It’s nerd day here at Jesus & Venus. Next up is this “Extended First Look” at the forthcoming Les Misérable movie, focusing on the director’s (Tom Hooper, The King’s Speech) decision to have the actors perform all their songs live on set.

Note to anyone who thinks Anne Hathaway’s “pretty version” comment sounds pretentious in this video: try being, or even working with, an actor.

Via Jezebel.