Australian Minister of Finance Continues Assault on Sexism of Opposition

Australian PM Lectures Opposition Leader for Sexism

If you’d like to hear a good, old-fashioned, righteous rant from a powerful woman, look no further than this video of Julia Gillard eviscerating Tony Abbot for his hypocritical stance on sexism and misogyny in government.

Only Monday Gillard endured sexual harassment from many Facebook users during a live Q&A.

Do You Hear the Actors Sing?

It’s nerd day here at Jesus & Venus. Next up is this “Extended First Look” at the forthcoming Les Misérable movie, focusing on the director’s (Tom Hooper, The King’s Speech) decision to have the actors perform all their songs live on set.

Note to anyone who thinks Anne Hathaway’s “pretty version” comment sounds pretentious in this video: try being, or even working with, an actor.

Via Jezebel.


Speaking of rape, if you want to feel outraged, horrified, saddened, and trapped, you should watch this first episode of a (fictional) web series about the rape of a female U.S. Army Sergeant.

Even if that doesn’t sound like fun, here are three other reasons to watch:

  1. The production values are fantastic for YouTube. The series stars Jennifer Beals of Flashdance (and more recently, The L Word) and Troian Bellisario of Pretty Little Liars and looks like broadcast-quality TV.
  2. The series is three episodes long. Only the first is up on YouTube, but it clocks in at just over 11 minutes. So even if you eventually watch all three, the time commitment is low.
  3. WIGS, the production company behind Lauren, makes woman-centric content with all-female leads. As such, the story takes its characters seriously and avoids objectification of any kind. This one-room, dialogue-driven scene between just two characters manages to rivet your attention with its exploration of the multi-faceted nature of rape within the ranks of our military.

You know what? You can probably scratch those first two reasons.

Via The Jane Dough