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The Biggest (And Smallest) Pay Gaps

More numbers, this time showing income disparity between men and women by occupation. Cheat sheet: if you are a woman, do not go into sales; do go into health or medicine as anything but a doctor.

Part of the gap in pay is driven by choices, even within single job categories. Among physicians, for example, women are more likely than men to choose lower-paid specialties (though this does not explain all of the pay gap among doctors).

And among all workers, women are more likely than men to take a significant time off from work to raise children, and they tend to be re-hired at lower wages than their counterparts who remained in the workforce.

This suggests to me that if employers don’t want to disadvantage themselves long-term by perpetuating a lack of gender diversity they should swallow the short-term costs of better accommodating working women who want to start families.

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Sundance Has Equal Number of Female and Male Directors

The first post of the year is a happy one!

For the first time ever, the famous Sundance Film Festival will feature an equal number of men and women in the U.S. Dramatic Competition category… This is huge news considering what an important launching pad Sundance is for getting independent films and films by first-time directors distributed as well as more media attention.

For Startups, Percentage of Female Executives Correlates Positively With Success

Shea Bennet of Media Bistro’s “All Twitter” section suggests that this could spell bad news for Twitter, which has only one female executive:

Twitter certainly isn’t alone in this shameful display. Foursquare has no female executives at all, and Dropbox only has one. Except… Foursquare has 100 employees, and Dropbox has 170.

Twitter has 1,300+.

Personally, I’m guessing that Twitter could easily be the exception to the rule, since they seem to be doing pretty well. This isn’t the first study to find this sort of correlation, though, so I hope other businesses are paying attention.

Also: Dropbox only has 170 employees?!

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Kate Middleton's Even Skin

Laura Donovan of The Jane Dough clarifies how not to respond to the publication of nude photographs of Kate Middleton:

Let’s not joke that Kate is a “bad” girl or liken her to Harry because of this. She has been thrust into a scandal merely for trying to avoid tan lines, and the only thing scandalous here is the publication’s poor journalism ethics.

Ana Pérez, Cigar Roller

The New York Times profiles a woman who rolls cigars at high-priced parties and events as one of a team of “Cigar Dolls”:

“I have never seen a woman rolling cigars at an event like this,” Joe Genovese, a 49-year-old electrician, said while puffing on one of the five-inch cigars that Ms. Pérez had rolled and cut to size using an assortment of tools.

“Usually, it’s an older, distinguished-looking man rolling my cigar, so this is a pleasant surprise,” Mr. Genovese said between puffs, “and I must say, her cigar has a very good draw to it.”

Kitschy, sexist name aside, it’s nice to see women making strides in a typically male-dominated business.

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Why Bizarre Female Cycling Bans Persist

I’ve never even heard of this sort of thing. As serious as I believe the underlying misogyny is, I had to laugh at some of the archaic beliefs Amy Tennery outlines. I don’t want to ruin the fun, but here’s a taste:

Ayatollah Elm Alhuda argued that Iranian women should only bike in their backyards. “It is not a sign for a woman to sit on a bicycle saddle, provided she does so indoors or in her backyard. But if she cycles in public,” he said, according to Mohabat News. “Her movements and posture will lead to corruption and prostitution.”