Plan B

Federal Judges Strikes Age Restrictions for Plan B Over the Counter

Judge Korman stated in his opinion that the FDA’s refusal to lift restrictions was “arbitrary, capricious, and unreasonable.” “More than 12 years have passed since the citizen petition was filed and 8 years since this lawsuit commenced,” the judge wrote. “The F.D.A. has engaged in intolerable delays in processing the petition. Indeed, it could accurately be described as an administrative agency filibuster.”

Would I be correct in assuming that children of any age can go into a store and buy, say, Ibuprofen over the counter? If so, this seems like a big "duh".

FDA Will Allow College to Retain "Plan B" Vending Machine

Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania has been operating a vending machine that dispenses, among other things, condoms and Plan B—otherwise known as the “morning-after pill”—and the FDA has decided they are A-OK with this.

I feel like I need to say this pretty frequently, so if you’ve heard it before, please forgive the repetition: Plan B is not an abortifacient and does not prevent implantation; it prevents ovulation.

Christians generally feel uneasy about providing people with ways to have consequence-free sex outside of marriage, but think about it this way: a rise in readily-available contraception means a decrease in the abortion rate.

Via the Feminist Majority Foundation Blog.

How Plan B Works

In addition to explaining the mechanics behind the popular morning-after pill, this adorable animation also shows how and on what timeline ovulation and fertilization occur, in case—like me—you’re a little fuzzy on the details.

Pediatricians: Prescribe Emergency Contraception to Teens in Advance

The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that pediatricians begin prescribing Plan B ahead of time (where by “time” I mean “intercourse”) to women under 17, due to the difficulties teen girls often face in obtaining the drug:

A 2010 analysis of seven randomized studies of emergency contraception found that having a morning-after prescription in hand did not increase teens’ sexual activity or decrease use of standard contraceptives but did increase use of the pill and shorten the time before a teenager used it after sex.

I know I say this nearly every time I mention Plan B, but it does not cause abortions or prevent implantation.