Phoenix and Olive Branch

On Identity and Political Christianity

Sierra of The Phoenix and Olive Branch laments politicized Christianity (or more accurately, Christianized politics):

Since my first vote, I’ve watched America polarize. I’ve been more and more frustrated that our political parties are like football teams: you buy the merchandise, stick it on your car and scream about what losers the other side’s fans are. You posture and talk philosophy, but you don’t engage any complicated issues.

Except for Sierra’s belief that both parties are not equally bad, I agree wholeheartedly.

Back to School!

Leaving for school and realizing that my mother would not be able to get her degree felt a lot like survivor’s guilt. I was the only one on a clear path out of poverty. She threw her support behind me, and I did the only thing I could do: studied hard to make it up to her.

Sierra of The Phoenix and Olive Branch celebrates a victory that will melt any but the stoniest heart.