Philip Cohen

Let's Not Panic Over Women With More Education Having Fewer Kids

Philip Cohen feeds my voracious appetite for data with a series of charts showing that educated women are actually having more children than they used to, while less-educated women are having fewer. Here’s why this matters:

The general relationship between the number of children women have and their relative status in society is clear: Fewer children means higher status. And the relationship is reciprocal: Higher status for women also leads to lower fertility.

Further, the relationship appears at both the individual level and the societal level. Countries with lower fertility levels have, on average, less gender inequality in the realms of education, income, political and social power.

If you like to make decisions or form opinions based on numbers, you really must read this.

Height Differences Between Spouses, Actual and Randomized

Philip Cohen, writing for The Atlantic, examines the height differences between husbands and wives and how they match up to the spread of height differences between men and women as a whole. There’s no big idea, no real takeaway—just interesting data (in graphical form).