Katie JM Baker

How to Shut Down Reddit's CreepShots

One afternoon in late September, Coweta County Sheriff Investigator Jason Fetner asked Christopher Bailey, a 35-year-old substitute teacher at East Coweta High, to meet with him regarding a school theft. But when Bailey arrived, Fetner told him the real reason for their meeting: he knew that Bailey had been posting photos of his students—“Hot senior girl in one of my classes,” read one charming caption—on the subreddit r/CreepShots, some of which had been viewed thousands of times.

Other Redditors have been gathering information about posters to the CreepShots thread and using it to ID the worst offenders.

It seems as though they may have succeeded in shutting down the subreddit, probably due to—and this may be my favorite part—blackmailing the senior moderator in charge of it.

She Even Has a Superhero Name

Meet Detroit prosecutor Kym Worthy, the woman who’s been leading the charge to sort through more than 11,000 untested police “rape kits” since 2009.

Worthy and her cohorts have already identified 20 serial rapists. Click through to the original Daily Beast article to read more about Worthy, her mission, and the high stakes involved.

The Official Guide to Legitimate Rape

Let’s lighten it up with Katie J.M. Baker’s breakdown of the different “types” of rape. For example:

In 1990, Texas Republican gubernatorial nominee Clayton Williams told ranchers that victims should take rape in stride and try to enjoy it — like when you have picnic plans but then there’s a huge thunderstorm so you decide to see a movie instead and it turns out to be a pretty enjoyable afternoon after all!

The piece is a little exasperating but still mostly funny. As you might suppose, Baker makes a more serious point at the end.

The Pregnant Teen Cancer Patient Who Couldn't Get Chemo — Or an Abortion — Is Dead

Katie J.M. Baker for Jezebel:

Doctors debated whether it was morally correct to start treating her cancer, given as Article 37 of the Dominican Constitution states that “the right to life is inviolable from the moment of conception and until death.”

Here’s Baker’s original coverage of the Dominican girl’s plight.

I don’t understand why it took her doctors 20 days to debate this issue. Even if the chemo would have killed her child, so would her death. Now both mother and child have died, when one of them had a shot at life.

Should Airlines Be Allowed to Forbid Men From Sitting Next to Unaccompanied Minors?

Katie J.M. Baker:

Is it gender discrimination to separate adult men from children solely on the basis of their Y chromosome?

Of course it is, but this phrasing implies that gender discrimination is always unacceptable.

On the one hand, I can only imagine Baker’s snarkiness if we gender-swapped this situation, and at first blush it smacks a little of the sexist idea that men are always untrustworthy. On the other hand, in-flight child molestation seems like a very real problem, and I don’t doubt that most if not all of the perpetrators are men.