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Australian Minister of Finance Continues Assault on Sexism of Opposition

Feminism Fights Violence Best

Andie Fox of Blue Milk links to the results of a study by the American Political Science Review showing that “strong, autonomous feminist movements” do more to combat violence against women across the world than relative wealth, number of women in positions of political power, or left-leaning governments.

The study includes every region of the world, varying degrees of democracy, rich and poor countries, and a variety of world religions—it encompasses 85 per cent of the world’s population. Analysing the data took five years, which is why the most recent year covered is 2005.

Honest question: does the U.S. have a feminist movement that is “autonomous from political parties and the state”? Because everywhere I look, organized feminism is leftist.

What Does a Feminist Parent Look Like?

“Blue Milk” guest blogs at Feministe, relating some of the responses she received from her readers:

Sometime back in the first year of blogging I started wondering who was reading my blog, and if they were parents how they would define their feminist parenting. So, I put up a post with ’10 Questions About Your Feminist Parenthood’ and I waited to see what would happen. I expected maybe half a dozen responses, if I was lucky, but over the years word has spread and all together I have received almost 100 responses.. with more still coming in.

Obviously not at all scientific, but interesting. If you want to read her whole series of posts on the subject, I suggest starting at the end and working backward; if you start at the beginning there are no links to the later pages.