Already Pretty

I Shall Never Be

Sally McGraw expresses her relief at accepting that she will never look like Sofia Vergera:

I know a lot about my body. I know its strengths and its graces, its quirks and defining traits. I know that I have strong legs and an elegant collarbone, pert breasts and dainty wrists, luxurious hair and an angular little nose. I know that I’ve got a lot going for me.

I also know that there are loads of things that I shall never be, and that many of them are considered beautiful, attractive, desirable, enviable even.

As much as men aren’t supposed to care about these things, I’ve actually been thinking about this quite a bit over the last couple days.

“You have conformed to social beauty norms. Good job.”

Sally McGraw of Already Pretty wrestles with the tricky issue of giving compliments for non-controllable traits.

It’s Not You, It’s the Clothes

When I adore the aesthetic of a brand or store and cannot squeeze into anything they offer, I feel heartbroken and hurt. And, perhaps more importantly, I’m inclined to blame myself. I mean, obviously if my hips can’t be jammed into a single pair of those pants I’m a disproportionate, repellent eyesore.

A friendly, reassuring post from Sally McGraw. Your body doesn’t need to fit your clothes; your clothes need to fit your body.

What makes a feminist?

Sally McGraw of Already Pretty writes about still considering herself a feminist despite not measuring up to the demanding standards of feminists.

As someone who came to feminism because he wanted to be a better writer and muddled along for almost a year without really feeling like one, this gives me a little more confidence to just go ahead and say it:

I'm a feminist.