New Setup


I’ve always  wanted to own an Apple Display. This one is used, from eBay, and it’s the same resolution at 24” as my laptop screen at 17”, so the clarity isn’t amazing—particularly by comparison with the 4K display right next to it. But it still feels nice and looks nice on my desk. 

This setup also fulfills another long-term wish: To have my monitor mounted on an arm, off the surface of my desk. I had to do a little extra rigging with a block of wood to make the clamp for this dual-arm mount attach to my weird metal-frame desk (see below), but it looks great and gives me a lot of maneuverability. 


Now to get to work. 

How the New Deal Actually Worked

The government can spend taxpayer money on the Green New Deal (and it should), but direct spending is not the only option, and if the New Deal is a good guide, not even the most important option. 

Some really interesting economic history in here that I didn’t know.