Too Many Chores

Pre-production, as it turns out, is all about time management and task-prioritizing.

Here is a rough list of things I have to do right now, in no particular order:

  1. Send several emails
  2. Fill out insurance applications
  3. Build a website for the film
  4. Post things on the website
  5. Record a video podcast. Every week.
  6. Draw stick-figure storyboards for the entire film.
  7. Do an inventory of the gear we have at our disposal
  8. Get bios and photographs of the crew
  9. Write sides to hand out at auditions
  10. Make the production schedule
  11. Read two books on directing actors
  12. Watch several movies for inspiration
  13. This blog post
  14. About 20 more things I can’t remember right now.

Figuring out which of those things to spend my time on is probably the biggest challenge. Nearly all of them are easy to do, or at least close. That’s not the problem.

Cheap, fast or good. You can have any two of those three.

I’m trying to leave out “fast,” but even that is turning out to be hard.