I’m going on vacation, Nerds! T minus 3.5 hours (-ish) until I’m off work for a whole week!

Get ready for lots of exciting blog posts from places like: My Desk and The Couch. I’ll be sharing lots of beautiful images of my adventures. For example:

Editing Screenshot

Also, prepare yourselves for mesmerizing tales with titillating titles like: “How Hard This Scene Was To Edit”, “What It’s Like To Sleep At Night For Once”, and “I Spoke With My Wife Today For Five Whole Minutes”.

That’s right: I’m really just taking a week off at home, and my goal will be to finish the rough cut of this movie. I did this once before, in December, but instead of accomplishing my goal, I got sick. So this is Try #2.

I’ll let you know how it goes. There may be blogging, but only if I’m making fantastically speedy progress. Otherwise you folks and your endless need for entertainment based on my life are going to lose pretty severely to the competitive powerhouse that is Me Accomplishing Things.