You think that I’m a huge blog-slacker, but I tell you that what I really am is just a plain old slacker. I haven’t blogged because I haven’t done anything.

I’ve sat around and thought.

I’ve made a couple notes.

I talked to Greg over the phone.

But that’s it.

Got some notes from Blair about the draft I finished two months ago. If I can get some notes out of Greg about it, maybe I’ll go back to that.

I finished my preliminary character development for what I’m calling the “Polygamy” script (see above sitting around and thinking). I’m just starting to plot it out. I might have been further along, but it’s been an absolutely insane week at work. Don’t get me started.

Tomorrow, meeting with Greg again, now that he’s dragged himself back into town. Maybe something productive will come of that.

And I’ll get something done. Or pretend to get something done. If so, I’ll post more.

But don’t get your hopes up too high.