Quantity is Job 1

I did no writing tonight. Wednesday night is when I have the most paperwork and other crap to deal with at work, so I busied myself with that and then gave myself the last two hours to blog instead.

However, after another 4ish hours last night, I have 50 pages on the script (now tentatively titled The Other Woman), averaging close to 5 per hour. It would be more, but I stuck myself in a bit of a plot rut last night and took about an hour to decide what I was going to do.

But I got back on the horse, and the thing is progressing nicely.

I’m already starting to get ideas about the rewrite for it. Like, I’m pretty sure that the main character hasn’t been set up helpless enough. Too late now, but it’ll have to be done at some point.

I’ve also been trying to come up with ideas for the next project. And today I realized, I have a great idea that I’ve been ignoring for a while.

And that is mostly because I already wrote it once.

That’s right my friends, the first script I ever wrote still languishes in rough draft form on a lonely hard drive. I didn’t rewrite it because I was much dumber back then and couldn’t think how to go about it.

But the premise was great. I still remember that premise, and it was pretty suave (I think). And now I feel I’ve grown enough as a writer that I could start to do it justice.

So I’m going to read it tonight and try to get a feel for what needs to be done. It may actually turn out to be a page one. But that’s okay.

I also have another idea that I started to write before I had the good sense to realize I didn’t have a strong enough plot. I’m not sure the hook for that one was good enough, but we’ll see when I re-read that one.

Anyway, should be fun figuring out where to go next. Makes me excited, like the little girl that I am inside.