Firstly, congratulations to my friend Greg, whose new short film, Wicked, received all its funding and then some. Hopefully he’ll finish it soon so we can all enjoy watching it.

But back to me. I’m finally done with my three weeks of training during the day and can start to have a normal sleep schedule. Meanwhile, I realized that those three weeks of relative non-productivity have set me behind where I was hoping to be with one of my projects, the Saint Regis Indiana Film Showcase.

Tonight at work I wrote a press release, and tomorrow morning I’m going to be on the phone with all the local newspapers and radio stations attempting to promote the films we’ll be showing the first week in March.

All are by Indiana filmmakers, but I can’t come out and say what they are yet because I’m still a day (and hopefully no more) away from finalizing the program.

Then I have to design posters and figure out where to hang them. There should hopefully be other advertising as well, but I’m not sure how that’s going to look yet.

I really miss those three weeks.