Other Eyes

All the cutting is done on my rom-com. I think. It’s six pages longer than I wanted, but I think that might be okay.

While I was at it, I worked in some character development and dialogue adjustments. I could probably keep tweaking this thing indefinitely, but I really feel like it’s very close to finished, so it’s time to get some Other Eyes on it.

Other Eyes are good. They’re fresh, and they can look at things with perspective, whereas I am mired in my own work and may be currently incapable of honest evaluation.

It’s a great feeling.

I did the same thing when I was a graphic design student. In an early 2-D design class, I had to produce a work incorporating (I think) seven different tricks for creating the three-dimensional illusion.

I spent days just thinking about what I was going to do before I ever started drawing. I figured out how I was going to use each and every one of these tools, and also how in the process I was going to paint something totally kick-ass.

I worked it hard, and felt pretty good about my watercolor masterpiece when it was done. The instructor critiqued everyone’s project in class those days, and when he got to mine -

I got 3 out of the 7. Four, if he was being nice. And he probably wasn’t.

If only I’d asked someone else whether they thought the piece was complete, instead of just making an assumption.

You know what happens when you make an assumption?

I’d rather not make an ass out of you and umption when it comes to sending out this script. So hopefully some cat like Greg will be able to help me decide if it’s ready for the world or needs some more TLC.

It better be ready soon. I’m sick of writing comedy.