I'm the Juggernaut of Page Counts, Bitch.

I was going to continue my argument with this post by Greg, but I went away before I could get there, and I don’t care enough anymore. So we’re done with that.

More exciting (to me) is what’s currently going on in the English-speaking world of screenwriting, the 14 Day Screenwriting Contest. This is a contest against one’s self, so don’t get excited that you might win something. In any case, it’s too late to start unless you’re even more of a speed demon writer than I am right now.

I got back to the states a little late for the contest (June 6 as opposed to June 3), but I went for it anyway, because while I was away I came up with my most kick-ass idea ever for a story. When I got home, I spent one night at work (I love my job) outlining, and the next night commenced to pound out the first draft. I’ve now spent three nights of work time writing this script, and the page count is (ya ready?) 90 frickin’ pages.

Now, 90 pages is actually pretty close to what I thought the final page count would be. However, I am not terribly far past the midpoint at the moment, and still going strong, so one of the flaws that will be fixed in subsequent drafts is definitely going to be long-winded-ness. But I still feel quite confident that in the remaining three nights of work I have left before the 14 days end I can finish this rough. I’m not saying it will be good. But fixing a sucky thing is about a million times easier than creating a new thing.

One of the other things I have a feeling will be wrong with this script, although I won’t be able to verify this until others read it, is that it just won’t be that funny. This is my first time trying to write a rom-com, so I’ve got that working against me. But beyond that, I just keep forgetting that it’s supposed to be funny. I get focused on the story, banging out scenes, and every couple hours think to myself, “Am I being funny?” We’ll find out.

The other thing holding me back from the funny is that since I didn’t have tons of planning time, I didn’t so much map out characters beforehand. I think a lot of the essence of comedy is based on good characters, and I don’t have ‘em. Much of the comedy in this script can be situational, but much of it should still be character-driven. So there’s already plenty of work to do in the second draft.

I’ll let you guys know how it goes, and I’ll probably ask a couple of you to read, if you promise not to do that thing you did with my last script, you bunch of slackers.

I need Greg to come back so I can brag on myself. My writer’s ego needs some stroking.