I'm Back, Baby!

Over a month since I last posted. Eek.

I have excuses. I do. Travel. Hectic work schedule. Girlfriend. Sleep deprivation.

But I won’t use them. Because the truth is: I just haven’t felt like blogging.

This happens to me every few months. And you shouldn’t feel slighted, Blogger. My other blog hasn’t seen an update in an equally long time.

But things are calming, and I’m working on scripts again, and so I feel better about myself in general, which brings a return of the blogging urge.

Have continued work on The Other Woman, which has now reached 110. I’m still disappointed that this draft did not progress as quickly as the last six-day miracle. But I have an excuse that helps me sleep at night (not that I need the help).

You see, this script is all about conversations. Sure, there’s action. And plot. Things happen, macro and micro. But the story is about characters processing together an event common to all.

And I didn’t plan this processing. I planned the outcome of the processing. But the actual words that would be said … I left them to be determined in the moment. I put my effort into creating the characters that would say the words.

And I’m finding that, sometimes, those words come slowly. Of course, being sleep deprived contributes to that.

But now I am at 110 pages, and most of the long, difficult conversations are behind me. It’s a teensy bit more downhill from here. Still, I expect this script will go long, so I probably still have 30-45 more pages in front of me. Several nights work at least.

After that, it will be rewrite time for How to Date Your Cousin. I’m very excited about that, because I think the rewrites will go just as quickly as the draft. Since I’m an optimist, I hope to reach shipping date on that script by the end of the year. That’d be a great way to end 2006, yes?

Again, I love my job.