He postures and poses, he listens to Keane/He rants and he raves like a man in a dream

Remember when I wrote some time back about how I love rewrites and think they’re the greatest time in the worldest?

I take it back.

Since then I’ve written a great grand seven pages. That’s right. Seven. In two weeks.

Now, as usual, I’m going to go ahead and blame work conditions. I also have a new excuse for your enjoyment: Winter.

That’s right, as an unforeseen byproduct of the third shift schedule, the longer times of darkness (not to be confused with Dark Times) are causing my body to send me sleep signals at an alarming rate, even when I’ve already had plenty of sleep.

But even with these excuses, seven pages in 14 days is pretty lame. I’m disappointed in me.

Despite Emily’s exhortation to go ahead and write standing on my head, smoking a cigar if that’s how I really crank it up, I’ve had some trouble making dents in the almost-page-one rewrite of my neo-screwball comedy.

And now The Fear is back in the form of Greg, freshly home from China. Jerk wants to meet again, so I better come up with something to validate my own existence.

Fortunately, I have at least produced a reasonable one-fifth-of-the-movie long sequence, and tonight I may well do even more. If I can kick-start my imagination hard enough to cough and sputter it’s steam-powered way along the story development superhighway like the Model-A clunker that it is.

I keep looking forward to the time when writing this comedy will be over and I can go back to drama, but damned if I didn’t just have another great idea for a comedy that will now nag at me with the persistence of a four-years-engaged woman tired of her fiancé’s feet-dragging and his over-used hyphenation.

Maybe I’ll just keep it back for a rainy-day pitch. Because we all know I meet with producers next to nonstop.

I’ll see you cats in another two weeks.