Draft Delayed

So here’s why I haven’t done a thing to my script since last posting.

I finished my draft last Tuesday and gave myself the rest of the week off from writing. I’d been sick, and I was planning to go away for a weekend to a wedding. Besides, I wanted to get some distance from the script so my next take would be a little fresher.

On Sunday, illness #2 came along.

Four days later, I have finally found a doctor and gotten checked. I have pharyngitis and conjunctivitis, so I’ll be down for another couple days, probably.


I’m really looking forward to getting back to my characters—maybe this will make me appreciate writing more (if possible).

In the meantime, I read a couple things people tossed my way. One was an old TV script by Charlie Kaufman, courtesy of Jane Espenson (Good), and the other was a short written by I don’t know who, which a friend of a friend is thinking about producing this summer (Not Good). I haven’t been doing the screenwriting thing for long, but I’ve already noticed a tendency on many people’s part to shop things around for inspection by anyone who shows interest. Maybe I’ll develop this habit soon.