Crawling Along

I’m finally starting to become productive again after the holidays. I won’t even go into all the various demands on my time that have kept me from making progress recently, but I’m starting to gain ground once more.

For one thing, my buddy Shawn is back in town after a month-long absence, so we’re getting together this weekend to work on our web series. Not sure where he is with the writing of his half of the episodes, but let’s hope … done.

On the other side of the page (as it were), the date of the Saint Regis Indiana Film Celebration (or whatever we end up calling it) is fast approaching, and I’ve finally managed to solicit more than one film to be in it. Even as I write this (hopefully), screener DVDs are making their way through the mail system to me. I’m hoping to have watched several more Indiana-based films by the end of next week and be very close to locking the program for the event.

This will mean it’s time to start publicity for the event, and not a second too early. I haven’t quite figured out how we’re going to advertise, but I’m going to start by calling the local paper to see if they want to do a story. This may involve writing a press release, which I haven’t done in a while, but I’m hoping they’ll bite on the concept of an interview with me and Dave Gustafson.

I really want this event to go well, as I think that would give us more confidence in planning our much more extensive (and frightening) film festival in September.

And for other reasons upon which I will not elaborate at present.

More as it happens.