Building the Jet Engine

I know my two faithful readers have been wondering what happened to me, and here’s my explanation, but I warn you: you won’t like it.

Here it comes …


You know you want it …

Okay then, fine! The explanation is:

I’ve been working my ass off.

That’s right, I’ve now become the thing that all blogging writers hate: someone who, when offered extra time to blog, chooses to actually write instead. You know it, baby.

I would love to follow up on The Explanation by saying that all that dedication has paid off with a finely-crafted and ready-for-querying script, but the fact is that it’s only gotten me a very, very rough and not-even-quite-finished rough draft.

I did finish the ending to my own current satisfaction, but I went right back to work on the beginning I’d never quite gotten to work how I wanted, so it doesn’t count.

But hopefully this week is the week. Or tonight the night, who knows?

Anyway, there’s this Alex Epstein quote that I’m too lazy to look up, but I can remember it enough to make the point. It goes: “You don’t want to be left polishing an old steam engine when you could have a brand new, dirty, smelly jet engine instead.”

And that’s how I feel right now. I’m almost done building my jet engine. Sending it to the detailing crew for cleanup and paint is a mere anticlimax away.

So stretch ye the metaphors as you will—I’m going to be over here, working away.