Bihar Village Bans Use of Cell Phones by Women

It’s exactly like it sounds.

I mean, come on, everyone. We all know how bad it is when women talk, right? The elders of this Indian village have bravely decided to limit all that pernicious communication, and it turns out that the final straw came when they realized that cell phones were giving women too much freedom to choose their spouses:

Members of the all-male panchayat (an informal, but respected council of village leaders) justified their ruling by arguing that the reputation of their village has been compromised by the handful of single women who have eloped with their partners as well as some married women who have left their husbands by eloping with their current partners.

So, as a group, women are unhappy enough in their marriages that the village is seeing an epidemic of extramarital affairs and elopements, and their solution is to keep women from talking to anyone? That should totally work.

Bonus Anger Fuel: The final paragraph of the article, where we learn that Indian women get raped because they aren’t sexually satisfied.

This is Just Depressing

Scott DeJarlais, a “pro-life” Republican Tea Party Congressman and doctor, slept with a patient, got her pregnant and then pushed her to have an abortion.

I’m still very skeptical of the idea that Republicans are deliberating waging a “war on women”, but it gets very hard to defend the pro-life movement and libertarian values when people act like this.

Not "Resigned Cuckoldry"

Canadian actor/director Sarah Polley recently discovered something about her lineage:

I flew to Toronto that night to tell my father the news. He was not my biological father. This had been confirmed by a DNA test with a man I had met a year earlier. I had met my biological father almost by accident, though I had long suspected based on family jokes and rumours that my mother may have had an affair that led to my conception.

Her [step-]father’s reaction may surprise:

His chief concern, almost immediately, was that my siblings and I not put any blame on my mother for her straying outside of their marriage. He was candid about his own lack of responsiveness towards her and how that may have led her to the point where she sought out the affection of another person.

Rather than introducing strife, the truth seems to have strengthened Polley’s relationship with her father and given her the opportunity for a meaningful relationship with her biological father.

Her post at the National Film Blog is worth reading, as are the remarks of The Good Men Project’s Noah Brand at The Globe and Mail.

Via The Good Men Project.

Debunking the 'Homewrecker' Myth

I’ve avoided paying attention to the Kristen Stewart “cheating” scandal because I think celebrity gossip is beyond a waste of time, but also—probably more than I’d like to admit—because I just don’t care about Twilight or any of its stars. But this post from Halee Gray Scott stood out by offering a relatively balanced and feminist view of the situation from a Christian magazine (Her.meneutics is the “women’s blog” of Christianity Today).

While we wouldn’t explicitly say that Rupert Sanders or Brad Pitt (in his cheating on Jennifer Aniston with Jolie) were blameless in their sexual indiscretions, we imply this when we talk about “the other women” and call Jolie, Stewart, and other women “homewreckers.” Didn’t these men play an equal part in wrecking their own homes?

Also, earlier in the post:

Blaming women for sexual transgressions is nothing new. Studies show that both men and women often blame women for rape. Though most perpetrators of sexual crimes against children are men, mothers are often held responsible. Many believe that immodestly dressed women cause Christian men to commit sexual sin.

Scott derails late in the post by backtracking on the modesty issue and repeating smug Christian clichés about sexuality, but I’m inclined to forgive her because she frames the issue by referencing Gone With the Wind.