"Billboard About Your Sex Life"

A bride-to-be on a budget chooses the color of her gown:

I thought a quick search of “white vs. ivory wedding dresses” would give me a good idea of which color would look better on me, but instead it led me into a universe where brides had to be reassured that choosing an ivory wedding dress was not equivalent to wearing a big scarlet A on their big day

I know I speak for my bridal-designer wife when I say it’s time for wedding dresses to branch out beyond white, ivory, and pink as color options. And don’t bring me this “white = virginity” nonsense. Wedding dresses are white because of Queen Victoria.

It’s Not You, It’s the Clothes

When I adore the aesthetic of a brand or store and cannot squeeze into anything they offer, I feel heartbroken and hurt. And, perhaps more importantly, I’m inclined to blame myself. I mean, obviously if my hips can’t be jammed into a single pair of those pants I’m a disproportionate, repellent eyesore.

A friendly, reassuring post from Sally McGraw. Your body doesn’t need to fit your clothes; your clothes need to fit your body.

On fashion, time, Hillary Clinton, numismatists, and Big Coin

“Caperton” at Feministe compares the hobbies of fashion and coin collecting to make a point about gender-based assumptions:

Don’t waste a woman’s time talking about inconsequential things when there are consequential things that need to be discussed.