Book Giveaway!

I’m currently running a giveaway for a signed proof copy of Beneath the Trees. It runs until this Friday on Goodreads, no strings attached. 

If you already have a copy of Beneath the Trees, you can still spread the word to your friends. Who doesn’t want a free book? Pass this link around to anyone you think might be interested:

Announcing "Beneath the Trees"

Hot on the heels of the Her True Name collection, I’m excited to announce the publication of my first novel, Beneath the Trees.

I finished the stories in Her True Name over a year ago, and while they were coming out in serial form on my website, I started working on Beneath the Trees. It’s about an indie musician whose wife is dying, and who one day after a bad thunderstorm finds a wood nymph sheltering in the wreckage of an old barn.

Beneath the Trees deals with death, self-sacrifice, and the fear of loss, but it’s not as dark a story as that description makes it sound. In fact, it’s hopeful—and deeply personal to me. You can find it for sale in the book section.

Book Signing

Accompanying the release of Beneath the Trees, I’ve been invited to do a book signing at Books, Wine and Dogs in Downtown Warsaw. This is my first book signing ever! I’m excited, and a little nervous. If you’re free and in the area on February 18 from 11:00am to 1:00pm, come out and get a copy of the book, or just enjoy some wine and play with dogs!

Books, Wine and Dogs is located at:

101 E. Center Street Warsaw, IN 46580

See you there!

Her True Name - the Collection

Her True Name is a book!

If you’ve followed along with the Her True Name series of stories that I published throughout 2016, I’m thrilled to announce that you can now get the complete text of all seven stories in one volume—together with an eighth story that I never published on the blog.

If you haven’t been following along—well, I’m still thrilled to announce it!

I started writing the adventures of the Unnamed Heroine way back in 2013, but I had been thinking about the character for several years before that. I’ve been living with her in my head, one way or another, for about a decade now. I haven’t nearly finished telling her stories, but I’m so glad I can finally share this first collection of her adventures with everyone. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Get your digital copy of Her True Name at, and let me know what you think!