It happened one day on the set of a movie I directed.

One of the crew was making a sexist remark, and my friend Dave spoke up: “Are you aware that Ryan and I are feminists?”

Since I’d been trying for a while (without telling anyone) to become a feminist, this was very good news.

Growing up in a conservative evangelical church, I imbibed the type of semi-benevolent patriarchal views of gender and marriage typical to modern American churches in the Anabaptist tradition. Being an only child homeschooled almost singlehandedly by a woman, I always subconsciously suspected those views.

Some time between the end of college and the end of my first year of married life, I realized I now believed in egalitarian marriage. When I began reading feminist literature so I could write better female characters, I suddenly found myself on a road that would eventually lead to starting this site.

The goal of the site is simple: Encourage people to be Feminists.

Because of this goal, I try to be inclusive and open-minded, even about perspectives with which I disagree (such as complementarianism), but ultimately my opinions probably show through. I believe in reasoned discourse, so I hope you’ll stick around even when I say things you don’t like–and hopefully challenge me when you think I’m off base.

In addition to being a sparkly new feminist, I write romantic-comedy screenplays, which I’ve recently begun producing, since no one else wanted to do it. I also enjoy photography, design, guitar, webcomics, and the fine art of the straight razor shave. I like cats, buy lots of Apple products, and maintain a rudimentary understanding of the fashion industry so I can keep up when my wife talks.

From time to time I post on these or any other subjects that interest me, but I try to stay mostly on topic.

Thanks for visiting. Whoever you are, and whatever you believe, I’m glad you’re here.